Hagoromo Crystal Multi-choke Holder (White)

★ Released a new chalk holder with a design patent for 22 years!!! ★

- Upgrade to a simple slide type that can freely adjust the length instead of the existing spring type

- Multi-purpose holder for carbonated chalk, water-soluble wonder chalk, crayons, erasers, etc.

- There is a soft silicone grip using a special mold called double injection, reducing fatigue when writing.

- A magnet is attached to the holder, so it can be attached to the blackboard when in use.

- Suitable for chalk outer diameter of 11.2~11.5mm

- SISO FAIR 2021 New Product Contest Grand Prize (Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award)

Configuration: 1 crystal multi-choke holder (the color of the chalk placed in the holder may be changed,

Please understand that even if the chalk is broken or missing, the holder cannot be exchanged as it is a service item.)

cosmetics white color image-S13L3
cosmetics white color image-S13L4
cosmetics white color image-S13L5
cosmetics product image-S14L6
cosmetics white color image-S14L7
* Design patent (No. 30-1127565)

※ Note

- Too tight when using carbonated chalk! If you plug it in, the slider may not work well, so you only need to hold the chalk.

If you use it by inserting it lightly, it works smoothly, and it is not a defect that there is a scab on the chalk lead holder.

Please note.

- If the chalk is broken or how to replace the chalk, please refer to the video.